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Concerning my creations, I take my inspiration out of the nature, I am fascinated by the interference of the four elements: fire, water, sky and earth. I am also interested in the intensity of the light at different  times of the day, and its influence over the colors. The intensity of human emotions is another theme which has a lot of my attention. I try to filter all these through my personality and express them with certain symbols (sometimes geometrical) and mostly though color.

The majority of my paintings are abstract compositions, sometimes combined with figurative elements, created with mixed media on stretched canvas. The heavy dripping goes across the paintings leaving gesture to its ultimate level of freedom. Present in a wide range of rhythms, it confers a dynamic aspect to the paintings.

In my view, painting is part of the spectacle of life, it is a continuous source of energy and balance.


I was born in 1956, in Salonta, Romania.
I graduated the University of Visual Arts Oradea and achieved a degree in Painting at the University of Art and Design Cluj- Napoca, Romania.

I am a member of the Romanian Professional Artists Association, painting department.

My works can be found in private collections in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.

A selected list of my EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

2019 Romania Oradea Art and Experiment - Matrix, Reperaj. Cetate Galleries
UAP Art Salon, Reperaj. Cetate Galleries
Iasi Visual Art Exhibition Careu de dame, Ion Neagoe Art Galleries
USA Rochester, NY Rochester Contemporary Art Center
2018 Romania Oradea 100 Annual Centenary Salon, Reperaj. Cetate Galleries
Iasi International Festival A. R. T. E., Victoria Gallery
Bucharest Palace of the Parliament Bucharest, C. Brancusi Hall, Biennale of Arts "The Stories of the Unicorn"
USA Rochester, NY Rochester Contemporary Art Center
Ohio World Fair Exhibition, Canton Museum of Art
2017 Romania Oradea UAP Art Salon, Oradea Fortress Gallery
Piatra - Neamt Lascar Vorel National Art Biennale, Piatra - Neamnt Art Museum
Bucharest Femina Invicta Carol Galleries
Moldova Chisinau Moldavian Salons, C. Brancusi Exhibition Center
2016 Saudi Arabia Riyadh ArtRiyadh
Romania Oradea Bridges and Signs
Iasi - Barlad International Competition of "Eminescian" Creation VI, N. Tonitza Art Galery
Iasi International Exhibition "Art. Contemporary Visions 2016", Cupola Art Gallery
2015 Moldova Chisinau Moldavian Salons
Oradea Municipal Art Salon Oradea - National Museum of Fine Arts
Romania Piatra Neamt National Art Biennale, Piatra Neamt Art Museum
Oradea Zenit Nadir Gallery
2014 Romania Oradea Municipal Art Salon, Crisurilor County Museum
Bucharest Palace of the Parliament Bucharest, C. Brancusi Hall, International Art Salon
2013 Romania Oradea Crisurilor County Museum, Baroque Palace
Moldova Chisinau International Biennale of Painting Chisinau - 2013
Bulgaria Ruse International Exhibition, BALCIC – Artists Without Borders
2012 Bulgaria Silistra International Exhibition, Silistra Art Gallery
USA Michigan SAFTH Expo 2012, Newaygo
Romania Curtea de Arges National Fine Art Exhibition, Cultural Center "George Topirceanu"
Ramnicu Valcea UAP Artex Gallery
2011 France Paris Salon D’ete 2011, Galerie Art Present
Romania Curtea de Arges National Salon of Fine Arts "Contemporary Attitudes"
Iasi UAP Gallery Tonitza
Braila “Maria Filotti” Theater
Ramnicu Valcea
Targoviste “Tony Bulandra” Theater
2010 Romania Buzau "Ion Andreescu Biennale"
Slobozia National Fine Art Exhibition, UNESCO Cultural Center “Ionel Perlea”
Curtea de Arges National Salon of Fine Arts "Contemporary Attitudes"
2009 Romania Felix Crisana Gallery
2005 Romania Aiud Cultural Centre Liviu Rebreanu
2004 Romania Oradea Crisurilor County Museum, Baroque Palace
2001 - 2004 Romania Oradea Oradea Fortress Gallery
2000 USA Michigan Farmington Artist Club
1990 - 2000 Romania Felix Crisana Gallery
1994 Romania Felix Lotus Hotel Gallery
1990 Hungary Budapesta Art-Expo
Germany Lewerkusen 100 Rumanische Landschaften
Schwedt Stadtisches Museum Schwedt
1987 Romania Bucharest Dalles Gallery


2019 Careu de dame Exhibition, UAPR Iasi- Diploma of Excellence - Iasi, Romania (National)
Careu de dame Exhibition, UAPR Iasi- Painting Prize - Iasi, Romania (National)
2016 International Competition of "Eminescian" Creation VI, Distinction of the "Dr. Constantin Teodorescu" Cultural Foundation, Barlad, Romania (International)
2014 Artslant 1st 2014, Showcase Winner- Los Angeles, CA, United States (International)
2012 Silver Award, Artmajeur, Paris, France (International)
2011 Artslant 4th 2011 Showcase Winner, Los Angeles, CA, United States (International)
2010 Silver Award, Artmajeur, Paris, France (International)
National Salon - Competition of Fine Arts "Contemporary Attitudes", Diploma of Excellence, Curtea de Arges, Romania (National)
2009 Artslant Juried Showcase Winne, Los Angeles, CA, United States (International)


Like a multicolored stained glass, the paintings of the artist Eugenia Mangra have a specific impact, generated by the intense and vivid brightness of the spectral colors, arranged in a subtle balance, and alternating between the solar shades of red, yellow, orange and the cold ones of blue, green, violet. Whatever the addressed motif, abstract compositions help define a subjective style, a universe of wonderful beauty, where the alert graphism separates the mosaics of color shades.
The modernism of the images derives from the dynamism of plastic expression: color spaces defined by undulating lines crisscrossing large, pictorial surfaces, giving rise to random rhythms, always unique, enriched by the specific footprint of the dripping. Through the specific processes of gestural painting, Eugenia Mangra transfers on canvas not only her primordial passion for color, but also the emotion, the intensity of the feelings induced by the beauty of creation, synthesized by four elements: Fire, Water, Sky and Earth. The intense and rich brightness of the solar shades help define the symbolic meaning of the works, the artist frequently explores cosmic implications, but also the spiritual or passionate side of the fire element. Depending on the subject of the work, the red color corresponds to the sun, the summer, or to emotion, heart passions and inner fire: The Land of the Sun, Burning Light, Under the Moonlight, Triumph of the Sun, Dawn, Sunshine through the Rain, Seasons of the Sun, Sunset Touch, The Birth of the Phoenix, The Glow of Love, The Passion of Life, Love, The Rhythm of Love, On the Wings of Love, Eternal Love. Other important works: The Other Side of the Ocean, The Glare of the Night, Waiting for Tonight, Skylight, From Dusk Till Dawn impress through the discrete glow of shades of cobalt blue or green. Another pictorial series capitalizes the geometric symbolism of the circle, the wheel of destiny, par excellence symbol of movement, transformation and cosmic infinity: Circle of Life, Across Time, Endless Moment, Fire and Water. The temperate modernism of the artist sometimes integrates figurative elements, especially portraits, exploring the mystery of feminine subjects: Desire, Ancestral Dream, Sensuality, Moon Dance, Fire and Ice,  Flamenco Dancer.

Whether they express the essence of cosmic elements and metamorphoses, or suggest the intensity of a state of mind, the paintings of Eugenia Mangra conquer the viewer through the mirage of blazing colors and a deep inner dynamism, inherent to the approached techniques and themes.

Dr. Agata Chifor, art historian