by Eugenia Mangra




Painting Description
Title Beyond Night
Artist Eugenia Mangra
Medium Mixed media on canvas

2 pieces - each 27.5" x 40.1" ( 70 x 102 cm )

A total of: 27.5" x 80.2" ( 70 x 204 cm )


All sides are painted.

This painting does not need to be framed.


Oil on canvas with acrylic dripping.

This is an unique hand painting - It is NOT a print.



The work of art BEYOND NIGHT is an abstract original composition, created with mixed media on stretched canvas, and designed in two pieces. The intense chromatic contrasts are based on the presence of different shades of intense colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. The heavy dripping goes across the painting leaving gesture to its ultimate level of freedom. Present in a wide range of rhythms, it confers a dynamic aspect to the painting.